Book Audio Downloads

Click the relevant link below and enter the password shown on the download page of the book to access  the audio files. These are in MP3 format and compressed into a ZIP folder for convenience, just open this as normal and windows should unzip them automatically into the files.  If windows fails to do so for any reason, you could always use 7-Zip, it’s free to download, which is a good price.


Easy Boogie Woogie (AUDIO)


Easy Rock ‘n’ Roll (AUDIO)


Easy Blues Piano (AUDIO)


Easy New Orleans (AUDIO)


Improvising Boogie-Woogie Volume One (AUDIO)


Improvising Boogie-Woogie Volume Two (AUDIO)


Improvising Boogie-Woogie Volume Three (AUDIO)


The Complete Blues Piano (AUDIO)


Blues Piano  Walking-Bass (AUDIO)


Blues Piano  Stride (AUDIO)


Blues Piano  – Right-Hand Comping (AUDIO)


Boogie Woogie Riffs Vol.1 (AUDIO)